Whether it is tile, laminate, hardwood, painting, a sink install, etc - we will go through the process of the installation with you when we come to do the estimate and explain why the price is as low or as high as it is. If it is a simple, basic installation the price will stay rock bottom low. If the project is more tedious and time consuming, we will have to price it accordingly.

(Example: An installation of a tile floor or shower in diamond pattern has many more cuts than a floor/shower in normal checker tile pattern or even brick pattern, therefore it may cost slightly more depending on size. Mosaic pieces, decorative inlays or special patterns also make the job more maticulous therefore they may cost slightly more.)

The difference between us and the other guys is: they will charge you the same whether it is a simple, basic installation or a more difficult installation while we drop the price for a simpler installation.

This bathroom started with a very old plastic tub and shower. All torn out. New backer board, cast iron tub, insulation, plumbing, brick pattern tile and mosaic trim was installed.

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